Up and Coming Military Technology Trends

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Technology has long been shaping the world around us. For years, it has dominated our private and personal lives. But, military technology is something entirely different. It has the capacity to make or break the military when personnel are in the battlefield. Of course, technology within the military is always changing, but there are some significant trends that are up and coming within the next year.

Let’s take a look at some of the top picks.

The Internet of Things (Or, the Battlefield of Things)

Despite the rather ambiguous title, the Internet of Things is going to become more and more prevalent in military life. The “things” that are referred to within the IoT is, in short, mobile communications. Consumables like wearable technology and the like are a civilian version of the Internet of Things. But, in military life, the Internet of Things is going to become a keen feature. In a real world context, there will be a lot of civilian usage of the IoT. But, in the world of the military, there will be some fantastic uses for this kind of technology. Defense contractors will be able to automate tools and robots out on the battlefield.

What is more, drones and vehicles will be able to be remotely accessed, thus making the battle field safer. This kind of technology will result in the military being able to refuel vehicles remotely. Now, all types of technology will be controlled with remote and advanced software. As such, there is going to be an emergence of the ‘battlefield of things’. It’s an exciting trend, although it is still in its infancy.

Google Glass

Yes, Google Glass is set to be a huge hit on the consumer market. But there is said to be a lot of buzz surrounding the use of Google Glass as part of the US defense.

Glass is designed to share information and allows people to see the world around them in a more clear way. Of course, much of the advertisement of glass showed people sharing to social media. For the military, Glass (or something akin to Glass) could be an excellent way to ensure that the military can use this kind of tech in field ops. Glass could be used to operate aerial vehicles and drones. The headwear can ensure that soldiers have a hands-free approach when they are out in the field. This means that they can concentrate on the task at hand and still leave themselves armed and defended. Products like Google Glass could revolutionize the landscape of the battlefield for many years to come.

The Development of Space Warfare Systems and Communications

While the thought of space warfare may seem a long way off, there are some ideas on how this emerging technology will become more prevalent. At the moment, there are a number of satellite based communication aerials within space. Skynet 5 is used at present to retrieve tactical communications from around the world. Skynet is the militaries global communications unit. However, this kind of technology is going to become more prevalent as the notion of space warfare is becoming more commonplace.

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