Loyalty: Staying Connected Despite the Distance

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Loyalty, in all walks of life, is an absolute essential. In a long distance relationship, this is even more important. Remaining connected when you are in a long distance relationship is critical to the growth of your relationship. On the contrary, there are some great ways that you can retain your spark and stay connected despite the distance.

Focusing on the Future

The future. It can all seem so far away. During times of deployment, the future can seem somewhat hazy. But, that doesn’t mean that you cannot focus on it at all. Think about your hopes, dreams, and desires for the future and communicate these with your partner. Having something to look forward to, as a couple, is the best way of keeping the spark alive. Think about how the two of you can remain a strong unit upon their return.

Hey Good Lookin’: Make an Effort

It goes without saying that making an effort is imperative, on both sides. While you may be stressed from work, or you may have just woken up to a Skype call, making an effort is important. Take pride in your appearance and give your spouse something to miss.

Don’t be a Bore!

Okay, life can get in the way. The kids are misbehaving, your boss is driving you mad, and you feel that the neighbor is spying on you. Yep, life can be tough. But, don’t let these issues consume you. You don’t have to focus on the mundane things of life. Let’s face it; you come across as a complainer. No one wants to have a conversation with a complainer. It’s vital that you talk about the day’s events, but do make sure that you are not focusing on the negatives. Keep the spark alive and whisper sweet nothings to your partner, romance them, or make them feel loved in your own special way. You don’t have to whine on about the mundane aspects of everyday life. A little gossip won’t hurt but don’t be a bore! Remaining connected is vital, so outpour your emotions and keep it interesting.

Manage Each Others Expectations

Living apart can be tough for everyone involved. The key to remaining connected irrespective of the miles between you means managing expectations. Schedule regular dates for communication. If you cannot make that time, let them know. Both parties want to feel loved. Not managing expectations can drive a wedge between you, so schedule chat dates and stick to them. Remaining in close contact, even by email, is important. Living apart, for prolonged periods of time, doesn’t mean that your relationship has to suffer.

Connectedness, loyalty, communication. These are your greatest allies in remaining connected despite the distance.

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