5 Best Budget Restaurants in Shreveport

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Are you in the Shreveport area and looking for an awesome place to eat, that won't break the bank? You’ve come to the right place!  Whether you’re traveling, or a local, we all have a budget. However, we all love a good meal!

Here are 5 of the best budget friendly restaurants in Shreveport:

1. Strawn’s Eat Shop

Don’t let the outside fool you, this cute little local spot is a must! This diner is known for their famous Strawberry Pie, which you just have to try! I’m not kidding, it’s amazing! The ambiance is super cool, with murals on the wall, and articles posted from way back when. Strawn’s Eat Shop is a definite throwback spot, full of nostalgia, and has the best small town feel. Every night there is a different dinner special, and the prices are always right. A true Shreveport classic, you don’t want to miss out on!

2. Crawdaddy’s Kitchen

“Customers say we have the best crawfish in town,” and I agree! Whether you’re taking the family out, or looking for a great date spot, Crawdaddy’s Kitchen, is a great choice. Not only is the food one in a million, but so is the customer service. This family owned business has been around for over 15 years, and it’s because you just can’t beat em! There is no other place to get a taste of the south, and the outstanding prices, will definitely keep you coming back.

3. Herby-K’s

This 78 year old restaurant, has so much history it’s truly unreal! Opened by Herby himself, otherwise known as Herbert J. Busi Jr. this restaurant originally went by the name of Flying Crow. Today, this hole in the wall hotspot, is still full of life and offers true southern tradition. Famous for their delicious twist on a po’boy, is the Shrimp Buster. Stop in, and try it or you’re seriously missing out. Herby-K’s is a life changer!

4. Ferrier’s Rollin’ in the Dough

Owned and operated by Robby and Katherine Ferrier, this spot is truly a dream come true, not only for them, but for us too! On the menu, you’ll find everything from a good old fashion burger, to some delicious seafood. There is something for everyone to enjoy, which is what makes this place so great! And then there’s the southern hospitality, you just can’t beat. Ferrier’s Rollin’ in the Dough, is sure to make your stomach happy, and your wallet!

5. Superior Grill

There is more to the south than BBQ, and Po’Boys. Everyone loves Mexican food, and Superior Grill is the perfect place to enjoy it! Grab some authentic Mexican Cuisine, while taking in great live music! This local favorite is full of life, and has a genuinely unique vibe. Grab your friends, and head on over for a great time. WARNING! It tends to get packed quickly!


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