Shreveport’s Best Water Parks

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The summer is full of hot days with minimal ways to cool off. Eating a popsicle, staying indoors, or running a fan are all acceptable ways to stay cool, but there is one other way that is a bit more fun and entertaining for everyone…water parks! Shreveport has attractions for all ages that include water in some way shape or form. Take to one of the three places below for a place to cool down on a hot summer day

  1. Splash Kingdom Water ParkAs one of five blossoming locations, Splash Kingdom Water Park in Shreveport is the place to be on a summer day. With tickets costing no more than $25, who wouldn’t want to come here? Along with water slides and rides, Splash Kingdom has sand volleyball and numerous concession stands. They are currently celebrating ten years in the business and they hope to have many more. In fact, owner of Splash Kingdom, Johnny Blevins, says their “mission is to glorify God while providing a safe and fun recreation experience for families.” So, next time you’re sweating on a sunny day, head to Splash Kingdom!
  2. Riverview Park

    Another place to visit in order to endure the blazing heat of summer is Riverview Park. They have an interactive water fountain with lights and music along with a three-hundred foot boat dock. Bring out the family and the boat, or sit and look at the waterfall that was created with natural stone. Riverview Park is open year long and is perfect for all ages along with being family friendly! Take time to visit Riverview Park with friends and family. It is a great way to cool off.

  3. Red River District Sightseeing Cruise

    Kids aren’t the only ones that get hot during the summer. Sometimes adults need a break from the heat too! The Red River District Sightseeing cruise is the perfect way to view history and city sites while traveling down the mighty Red River. It is a forty-five minute cruise that costs twenty five dollars. Passengers get to discover the city’s famous citizens along a special Walk of Stars. At the end of the boat tour, passengers are escorted off the boat and led to a lengthy informational meeting about the city’s history. If you need a break away from the kids, grab some adults and head out for a relaxing cruise.


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