Karaoke Bars Near Barksdale Air Force Base

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Singing is not everyone’s best talent which is why karaoke was created. Good or bad, all types of singers are accepted at karaoke nights. It does not matter what you sound like. It is about having fun and hanging out with friends. The three bars below offer drinks combined with fun karaoke nights that make for a great night out. Each karaoke bar is located near Barksdale Air Force Base. Visit one or all of these three bars on your next nights out to have a fun filled night of music and socialization.

1. Blind Tiger

Come to Blind Tiger for Cajun food and Louisiana based beverages. It is open till 6 AM on Friday and Saturday nights and is one of Shreveport’s largest running karaoke show. Every Saturday night at 10 PM there is live karaoke. So, bring a friend and sing you heart out or battle a complete stranger. Blind Tiger is held in one of Shreveport’s oldest buildings, but the locals go there to sing and have a good time in a casual setting. Head out to the Blind Tiger for a fun night out with lots of friendly faces.

2. The Full Moon Saloon

The Full Moon Saloon is a place that serves food and alcohol. They have happy hour every day from 9 AM to 6 PM with numerous shot specials the rest of the night. There is karaoke with Dr. Bob so come ready to have a duel of voices. Bring a friend or have a girls night out to make this singing event memorable. The Full Moon Saloon often has charitable karaoke nights where the donate money to a specific organization based off of karaoke participants. Have your karaoke night at The Full Moon Saloon along with a couple of drinks!

3. The Boot

Open seven days a week from 8 PM to 6 AM, The Boot is Shreveport’s premier night spot. They have karaoke on the weekends so be prepared to sing a couple tunes. They are a casual spot that also caters private parties. They have outdoor seating and are a relaxed place to have fun and relax on the weekends. The Boot also dedicated some karaoke nights to charitable organizations. Bring a group of friends out to The Boot to kick off your weekend with some fun and friendly karaoke!


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