Shreveport: The New Place to Start a Business

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According to Wallet Hub, who did an analytical study, Shreveport, Louisiana, is the number one place to start a new business. They have a lot of available space to be taken up by business owners, and thousands of people roll through the city each day. Check out the three main reasons below to see why you should pack your bags and set up shop in Shreveport, Louisiana.

1. One of the largest cities in Louisiana

Ranked the third largest city in Louisiana, Shreveport can host a lot of people for big events. These events lead to high attendance of people with money burning in their pockets. Even if they aren’t there specifically to see your business, a walk by the storefront could peak their curiosity and bring them in. The more businesses there are, the more money will be made which is good for not only the business, but the city too.

2. Louisiana Boardwalk

At the Louisiana Boardwalk there is a 550,000 square foot shopping and convention center that recently opened up across the Red River in Bossier. This massive building will attract tons of customers looking for the next great thing. People flow in and out of the shopping centers all day while spending money left and right. Even if they do not buy anything at your business, if they like what they see, the odds are that they will tell a friend about your business. There is always a positive of a customer stopping by even if they do not buy anything. Plus, there are restaurants, a fourteen screen movie theatre, and bowling complex as well. Not to mention a brand new 350,000 square foot convention center open recently that has an 800 – space parking garage with a Hilton attached to it. Many people will flow out of the doors of each of these buildings which helps business out. Shreveport is a hot place to be these days.

3. Space for New Business

Incoming residents do not like to locate within Shreveport itself because it has the highest property taxes in Louisiana. Residents tend to live around the city leaving a large area ready to be taken up by new and innovative businesses that provide not only products, but services as well. Shreveport has also really tried to increase their presence in the gaming industry. They acquired riverboat gambling casinos that bring in tons of cash. Not to mention that Shreveport is the commercial and cultural center of the Ark-La-Tex region where Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas meet. A large flow of people run through this area generating great business.

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