4 Best Breakfast Spots in Shreveport

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Are you in the Shreveport area? Looking for the best breakfast in town? You’ve come to the right place! Everyone knows that breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day, and knowing where to find the best place to start your day is crucial. Good news! Shreveport is full of awesome, reasonably priced spots, ready to make your stomach happy.

Check out these four breakfast spots near Shreveport:

Strawn’s Eat Shop

Be prepared to fall in love! Strawn’s Eat Shop is a local favorite, located right in the heart of Shreveport and perfect for all of your breakfast cravings. Visit any of their three locations, Strawn’s Eat Shop, Strawn’s Eat Shop Too, and Strawn’s Eat Shop Also. Each restaurant has a different vibe, but they are all equally delicious! Originally opened in 1944, Strawn’s quickly became known as a “Shreveport Tradition,” and it wasn’t long after they decided to expand. Famously known for their amazing pies, they’ve been featured in Southern Living Magazine numerous times, and in 2011 named “Shreveport’s #1 most iconic restaurant.” The menu is full of traditional favorites, and special treats. Don’t miss out!

Another Broken Egg

Stop by Another Broken Egg from 7am-2pm any day of the week, for some of the most delicious breakfast and brunch options. Whether you’re looking for a guilty pleasure such as cinnamon roll french toast (no judgments here), a classic omelet, or a healthy choice, there is something perfect for you! The unique menu, is full of one of a kind dishes, and great for those with dietary restrictions. The wide variety, fresh ingredients, and friendly service are just a few of many reasons why Another Broken Egg is an absolute must. So grab your besties and stop by for a breakfast everyone will love!


Julie Anne’s Bakery and Cafe

If anyone ever tells you you can’t have dessert for breakfast, they’re wrong. Julie Anne’s Bakery and Cafe has a breakfast menu full of delicious croissants, breakfast sandwiches, and most importantly sweet treats! This local bakery is known for their traditional Louisiana creations, and their extensive cafe menu perfect for any craving. Prices are right, and the people are great. No wonder this is a local favorite! While you’re there, make sure to try the Nutella Crepe, it’s out of this world!

Waffle House

Nothing says you’re in the South, quite like chicken and waffles! Known for just that, Waffle House is breakfast focused but offers a variety of other food as well. Providing the luxury of a sit down restaurant, equipped with some of the fastest service around, Waffle House is definitely a one of a kind experience. Here you’ll get the most for your money, with large portions that are sure to fill that belly! So stop by for some delightful, fluffy waffles, and let the addiction begin!


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