Where to Meet That Special Someone

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If you’re new to the area or just have a hard time getting out and meeting people, you may be having a hard time coming across someone special. Don’t be afraid to get out, explore the town, and give yourself the chance to meet someone you like. Below is a list of a couple places you can try out.


Rhino Coffee

A place for the quiet shy personality, Rhino Coffee is an old school coffee house located literally inside a beautifully aged home. Imagine sitting there zoned into your coffee and laptop, when the perfect someone comes up and asks to join you; maybe they even drink the same caffeinated beverage. Sounds like something out of a movie. Peaceful and relaxing this is the best environment to strike up an interesting conversation. Things they serve: traditional coffee beverages, hand crafted sandwiches, and fresh salads. People you’re likely to meet: quiet and reserved, so don’t be afraid to start communicating with them!


Phoenix Underground

If you don’t enjoy the quiet and you want to go dancing and show off your moves to the rest of the singles, then you want to hit up Phoenix Underground. This club is the hottest place in Shreveport; there’s always an awesome beat blasting and plenty of singles on the dance floor. There is a strict dress code, so throw on some of your best clothes before you get down on the dance floor. While looking chic and sipping on a cocktail, it’s likely you will catch the eye of someone special and the night will go from ordinary to extraordinary. Get out there, show off your best moves, and meet someone new; make this your plan next night out on the town!


RW Norton Art Gallery

You are looking for someone with excellent appreciation for the arts. The RW Norton Art Gallery is the right place to meet the person of your dreams. One of the best art galleries in the area, this cultured environment is a great spot to meet someone who loves art, is knowledgeable about events in the field, and has a sensitive personality. Enjoy a walk through the park and bump into someone with your same interests. Stroll through the rest of the gallery talking about the fantastic art pieces, there’s nothing more romantic.


Noble Savage Tavern

There is always the classic option of meeting someone at a bar, and the Noble Savage Tavern is the best place in town to do that. A traditional bar, you are bound to meet somebody fun and entertaining that will be perfect for you. Grab a cool beer, listen to the music, and be open to meeting new people. It is that easy. Spend the night playing darts or dancing with them, it’s sure to be a great night.

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