Delicious Bakeries Near Barksdale Air Force Base

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There’s something about the smell of baked goods that instantly lifts up your mood… and your hunger. With the versatility of soft or crunchy, sweet or savory, the possibilities are endless at bakeries. The bakeries themselves are always so inviting, not only with their smells, but the atmosphere in itself. Head out and enjoy the sights, smells and flavors at these bakeries near Barksdale.

1. Julie Anne’s Bakery & Cafe

Established in 1992, Julie Anne’s Bakery & Café does it all. From full catering to breakfast and lunch, this spot even ships out many of their delicious treats, including their cakes. The bakers are in before the birds ensuring that the enticing smell of baked breads, pies, cookies and cakes are wafting through the streets making it impossible not to stop in – and why wouldn’t you? Known for their King Cakes that can be custom to a theme, holiday or more, people are constantly raving about how creative and delicious these are. Made with Danish sweet dough, buttercream icing and then filled with almost any type of filling combination that you’re craving, this is one cake you will not want to share with others.

2. Ferrier’s Rollin’ in the Dough

Not only is this joint churning out some freshly baked goodies, it’s also a popular lunch spot where they can put some of their in-house buns on display in a savory way. Ferrier’s Rollin’ In The Dough comes highly regarded by almost everyone who has steps in the door. The atmosphere is casual and inviting, and the staff is very friendly. Owned and operated by a husband and wife duo, this place is known for their casino cakes (devil’s food cake topped with buttercream frosting and then dipped in chocolate) and their homemade hamburger buns. Try this place out and, when you do, you may even see the owner making his famous hamburger buns right through the large viewing window in the restaurant.

3. Buttercups Cupcakes

What is better than enjoying a gourmet Italian coffee alongside a made-from-scratch cupcake? Not much. At Buttercups Cupcakes, you can enjoy just that. They have an espresso bar creating specialty drinks that you can sip on while viewing and tasting their wide variety of flavors made from sweet cream butter, rich chocolate and real fruit, among other delicious ingredients. The owner likes to give a modern and sophisticated twist to an old-fashioned treat by using her own recipes from her home kitchen. The favorite flavors lately seem to be German Chocolate and Red Velvet, and the cupcakes are also available gluten-free and vegan. The friendly atmosphere draws you in, so head over to Buttercups Cupcakes (as seen on the Food Network show, Cupcake Wars) and try out 1, 2… or 5 different cupcake flavors over a specialty coffee – you deserve it.

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