End of the Summer Fun

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As the summer heat rises and the days seem to blur together, you find yourself in a slump. You and your friends end up going to the same bar and restaurants everyday. You want to do something new and exciting, but you also don’t want to end up being a puddle on the sidewalk. One way to beat the heat and boredom is by going to a show. Before July ends, you need to get out and see a live performance. These shows provide a great way to grab a drink (or a lot of drinks) with your friends and enjoy the cool air-conditioning. Luckily, Shreveport has some amazing events for you to experience.

The Eagles : “History of The Eagles”

“Welcome to the Hotel California. Such a lovely place, such a lovely face.” Shreveport will be “The Eagles” last stop. “The Eagles” take you back to the 70’s when the legendary band was first conceived. Classic rock gets personal, telling stories about the bands upbringing and their musical inspiration that led them to become a staple of classic rock. The beginning of the show focuses on the early days of the band, showcasing some of their earliest songs, but quickly transitions into their more well known pieces. To top it off, you can look forward to a double encore.


Have you ever wanted to rewind time to the roaring 20’s? Prohibition led to loose behavior, criminals ruling the city, and jazz music made for great soundtrack. “Chicago”, the musical, will allow you to take a step back in time and witness the Jazz Age for yourself. The musical is set in Prohibition-era Chicago, following two women who find themselves on death row together.

Ron White: Nutcracker

On his American tour, Ron White is finally coming to Shreveport. Ron White is known as the cigar smoking, scotch drinking comedian.  His career consists of a number of Grammy nominations and his book appeared on the New York Times Best Seller List. If you are tired of the sun or just want a good laugh then you should check out Ron White at the Riverdome.

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