Best Lunch Spots Near Barksdale Air Force Base

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You realize that the clock just hit noon, even though their are no clocks in sight. You know it’s noon because you can feel your stomach grumble and your mouth water, its finally lunch time. Ideas of juicy steak, tender chicken breasts, and crispy french fries dance around your mind trying to get your attention. So many restaurants to choose from, but which one should you choose to fill the empty void you call your stomach.

From caribbean music playing on the radio to locally renowned pies, this list contains a variety of restaurants that won’t disappoint.

Sabores Dominican Restaurant

Its time to break your lunching routine and take a break from the average american food. When you step inside Sabores Dominican Restaurant, you are truly transported out of America. With the Caribbean music playing on the radio, the intoxicating smell of the restaurant, and the great service, you are guaranteed to have an amazing dining experience. Must try dishes include the crispy pork, garlic chicken with rice and beans, braised chicken, and their lemonade.

Strawn’s Eat Shop

This is the type of place that never lets you see the bottom of your coffee cup.  Service and atmosphere, are the two reasons you should go. The service is always quick and to the point, making sure that you are always satisfied. With the red chairs and the large painted murals of everything that was ever popular, the restaurant will give you a rush of nostalgia the moment you walk through the front doors. Whether it’s the chicken fried steak, double bacon cheeseburger, or famous strawberry pie, there’s always something delicious cooking in this kitchen!

Silver Star Smokehouse & Saloon

As long as you live in the city, you need to dine at the Silver Star Smokehouse & Saloon; especially because they are one of the few that offer barbequed food. The bbq food will never leave your taste buds unsatisfied. If you go, make sure your order their 3 meat platter, that includes hickory smoked brisket, delicious sausage, and smoked turkey.

2Johns Steak and Seafood

Its time to upgrade from a burger to a steak, time to go from boy to a man. While you indulge yourself in some of the finest steak around, you should try one of their martinis.2Johns martinis are always the focus on any conversation when it comes to their restaurant. This is a place where you should go to enjoy a long and delicious meal, don’t be afraid to order an appetizer with your martini, it will be worth every dollar.

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