Bowling Alleys Near Barksdale Air Force Base

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Bored of going out for dinners or long walks? Are the kids too hyper to have around the house? Are you going out on a first date? Any of these situations call for a night out at the bowling alley. Its always a win-win situation at the bowling alley. It can be an adult only night, where you can grab a few friends and a few drinks and have a fun yet compeitive night. It can be a family night out or even a day for just the kids and their friends. Either way, you’re able to get an active and fun night out of it.

Barksdale Bowling

There are three days you must visit Barksdale Bowling. Buck Wednesday is one of their busiest days because it’s only a dollar a game. Imagine throwing your ball down the lane, seeing the ball wobble left to right, left to right, until it hits the center and strikes all 10 pins. This experience only costs you a dollar a game. Keep this on your list when you're trying to have fun on a budget. Fridays are date night; it’s the time of the week when you take your crush out to have some fun. Every Friday is buy one, get one free games. Instead of drinking and going to a bar or staying at home, consider spending your Saturdays at Barksdale Bowling. For only $11 per person, you are able to bowl all night from 9-11pm while listening to a live DJ.

Holiday Lanes

Holiday Lanes is the place to be for any family, all of their current deals and events are made for families. Right now, until September 30th, you can sign up your children for free and receive two free games every day until the 30th. If you want to bowl with the kids, or even take the whole family out, there is also a special deal for family passes. The family pass is only $19.95 and includes two games for up to four adults every day. Remember to make everyone wear white for Intergalactic Glow-in-the-Dark bowling nights. Every Friday and Saturday night Holiday Lanes turn down the lights, turns the black lights and strobe lights on, and turns up the music to get everyone moving.

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