Easy Ways to Create Storage in your Apartment

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Living in an apartment has numerous perks – less space to clean up, no yard to maintain, no mortgage – but storage can sometimes be at a premium in apartments due to the smaller size. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to accumulate less, though. Instead, try out these great ways to maximize the space you have and turn your apartment into an organized space in no time!


Ottomans are double duty storage solutions that tuck things out of sight and also act as an accent piece or foot stool in your living room. Store away magazines, blankets, extra pillows, and even seasonal items to declutter your space, but always have those items handy by lifting up the lid. They come in every shape, colour, and texture imaginable, so you will find it easy to pair it with your existing décor and have yourself wondering why you haven’t shopped for one sooner!

Bathroom Storage

Like most apartments, the size of the bathroom is usually a good size for a tub, toilet and sink, and that’s about it. With towels and hairdryers and the like, though, bathroom storage is very useful and very necessary. When your existing storage is limited, consider adding a piece of furniture to your bathroom that you would normally put in your bedroom or living room. Find a shelving unit that fits your inches of floor space you have left that has closed drawers and open shelving. Tuck away items in the drawers and towels in the open spaces and you’ll have more storage that looks great!

Decorative Storage

Embrace decorative storage opportunities like your life depends on it. Find ways to store your items in decorative vases, canisters, hooks, and the like. Another option is to have them prominently on display, but in an area that is being unused. If your apartment has a fireplace that you’re not using, try displaying your books in there. Books can be an excellent conversation piece as well as visual art on display, so you fix your storage solution and put up artwork at the same time.

The Murphy Bed

As much as some try and fight it, the Murphy Bed is here to stay and is very practical in smaller spaces for maximized storage and to expand your space. Instead of a bland wall that hides your bed, try hanging a large mirror to instantly widen the space when the bed is tucked away. Your room will look larger and brighter, and having your bed tucked away always for a cleaner look in your apartment.

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