I can’t pay my rent on time! What should I do?

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Do you find yourself out of town near the first of the month or hurrying to the management office to get your rent paid on time?

Online Payments Accepted. When you live at Ultris Island Park, we offer the convenience of paying your rent online any time of the day! If you need assistance setting up your resident account to pay your rent, please contact the management office!

Few Days Grace Period. First, check your lease. Many leases allow a short grace period during which your rent can be paid without a late charge. If you can make payment before the grace period expires, don’t worry. You may have a few days after the first of the month to make your payment without penalty!

Late Payments. If you won’t be able to make payment within the grace period, talk to the Assistant Community Manager as soon as possible. The more proactive a resident is about notifying our office and providing clear expectations as to when they will be able to get and stay current, the more likely management is to work with them. Please Remember: Your landlord can choose to take legal action soon after a missed rental payment. Once the process is in motion, they may not have the ability to accept the payment.

It’s the responsibility of the leaseholder to make contact and do what’s necessary to resolve the situation.

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