What does your patio/balcony say about our community?

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With spring just around the corner, more of us will be outside enjoying the beautiful weather.

Ultris Island Park Apartments takes pride in our neat and attractive grounds, and our landscapers and maintenance staff work hard to maintain the landscaping and appearance of our community.

Think back to your first visit here:
If you saw many patios or balconies in disarray-broken blinds, dead plants in planter pots, bags of trash…would you have still made the decision to live here? Most residents take pride in their outdoor space and have beautiful patios and balconies that add to the beauty of Island Park, however we ask that all residents take some time and clear off their outside space.

Please remember:

  • Only outdoor furniture and healthy plants are allowed on the patios/balconies.
  • Brooms, mops, laundry, towels cannot be left on balconies/patios. The brooms and mops can be stored in the outside storage closet when not in use.
  • Our lawn crews have asked us to remind everyone that if they have potted plants that are not on your patio, please move them so that they can mow and weed eat without damaging your property.

Thank you for your pride in keeping our community beautiful.

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